Black Friday Offers

This Black Friday we have an additional 10% off our “not to be missed” discounted items on this page, plus a limited number of deals on one-off items.  We are also offering free UK postage and packing on sale items on this page until midnight on 28th November 2022.

Our “not to be missed” items  could be boots or accessories that have been used for a day by models on a Dedito photoshoot; stock that has a little added character with small cosmetic marks or imperfections, or boots that have been returned due to creases in the inner lining, needing a little more time to get comfortable.  From time to time, we will also have product samples and one-off purchases available.

All the boots listed will of course perform in terms of the usual level of warmth and waterproofness you would expect from Dedito products.

A perfect opportunity to grab a pair of great boots or accessories at a competitive price!