Dedito passion for outdoor life

Dedito passion for outdoor life

Grouse counting

Around 2007, I went to the UK to do some training with Dodi on the Grouse moors. I met a head game keeper from one of the North Yorkshire moors.  We struck up a firm friendship and he invited me to do some grouse counting with them.  I had already heard that an invite to count Grouse is rare indeed so I took him up on the offer and a few months later I drove over to the UK for 2 days (a few hours a day) of grouse counting. This was the beginning of a lasting friendship.

I was so charmed with the area, I decided to rent a house for a few months during the shooting season, so I could spend more time up there and work my dog. Those few months turned into over 10 years.


The Weimaraner breed is among the earliest Continental HPRs to be worked in the UK and is a very versatile for rough-shooters, as it is capable of working in wooded, low ground as well as open areas. The breed is famous for its distinctive gun-metal grey coat.

Dedito: Passion & Quality

The Dedito brand was born out of a passion; a passion for the outdoor life and an understanding that Dedito products needed to be the best they could be to meet the challenges of this way of life.

Passion & Quality – that’s who and what we are.