Dedito Warranty Repairs

Dedito warranty repairs

We are very pleased to announce that going forward from January 2019, Dedito boots will be working alongside ‘Lancashire Sports Repairs’ for our warranty repairs or customer requests for refurbishments.
Lancashire Sports Repairs (L.S.R) Are licensed Gore-tex repair specialists with over 35 years of experience in footwear manufacture and design. They also have over 25 years of experience carrying out walking boot repairs.

We know how important it is when you find the perfect boot you want to hang on to them for as long as you can, so we wanted to source a company who can help achieve this.
Repairing boots is not only their profession it is their obsession. We were lucky enough to go along to the factory where we met the owner David. He has a wealth of knowledge in footwear manufacture and really took the time to give a pair of our Moorland Boots a thorough examination and put them through their very stringent waterproof testing process.
We are very pleased to say they passed with flying colours!!! We met the whole team whilst there, they are all so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their work we were given a real sense of confidence in using them as a company going forward. Repairing walking boots is highly skilled work requiring not only the latest equipment and materials, but also the experience and attention to detail that comes with employing time-served quality craftsmen.

We have no doubt you will be as amazed as we were at the work they do. Visit the website