Hoddy’s Dog Food

Hoddy's Dog Food

Those who know the Dedito brand well will not be surprised to hear that we really, really love our dogs. In fact, our founder Dario Martina actually named the brand after his beloved dog, a Weimaraner with the name “Dedito di Primavera of Weimar’s Joy”, or Dodi as he was more commonly known. Dario got Dodi in 2003 and this loyal dog made such a huge impact on his life as his owner endeavoured to learn as much as possible about the breed and working dogs. That journey took the duo from Italy and Holland to the UK, where the moors of Scotland and North Yorkshire provided a place to learn their craft. Dedito means “he that is focused on something and won’t let go until his knowledge is satisfied”, something which certainly suited both the dog himself and his owner! When Dario started importing and then creating country boots, it was obvious he already had the perfect name for his new brand.

Now, Dedito boots are loved by people who both work and spend their spare time in the great British outdoors. From the mountains and moorland to farmland and coastline, you’ll find Dedito boots, wellies and accessories keeping people warm, dry and perfectly comfortable on their adventures. But, just like the working dogs and pets which are never far from their owner’s sides on those adventures, our love of dogs is never far away. That’s why our ears pricked up when we heard about a new premium dog food brand, perfect for keeping our best friends in tip-top shape. 

Hoddy’s is a grain-free and hypoallergenic complete dog food developed with a canine nutritionist and made from wild British pheasant. The brand was founded by Mark Hodson, the man behind the acclaimed sporting journal ‘Talking Game’ which inspires people to eat more game to support the viability and health of shooting in the UK. The meat used in Hoddy’s dog food comes from the thighs and wings from pheasant carcasses after the breast meat is removed for human consumption, ensuring no part of this sustainable bird goes to waste. Clever AI-driven technology ensures absolutely no lead shot makes it into Hoddy’s dog food, before it is blended with duck, sweet potato, carrot and peas. The end result is a protein-rich dry dog food which is tasty, natural and sustainable. 

Our dogs are at the heart of so many country pleasures, at our side for long hours walking in the beautiful landscapes of the British Isles or a wet day in the field shooting. Even a quick stroll to the pub is met with unbridled enthusiasm (provided you share the bar snacks) and ever more attention is paid to the food we feed dogs. Instead of choosing from an array of mass-produced brands packed with unspecified cereal and animal derivatives, we now have access to high quality dog food. Hoddy’s is an excellent example of a brand which is ticking all the boxes. Its food is nutritionally balanced, sustainable and, most importantly from the dog’s point of view, downright tasty. 

Get online discount to try Hoddy’s food

If you would like to try Hoddy’s food to see what your dog thinks, you can request a sample pack from Hoddy’s website where you’ll also find lots more information about the brand. Hoddy’s is also offering free shipping on your first order of a 12kg bag – just use the code HODDYSXDEDITO at the checkout!