How we design our boots

How we design our boots

To understand the design process that has gone into our country boots, you need to remember one key thing that defines Britain.

The weather

We get the most incredibly varied weather here in the UK, so much so that as a nation we are known for talking about the weather. That means that not only does an outdoor boot need to be able to cope with varied terrain (woodland, moorland, bogs, coastline, agricultural land and even mountains!), it also needs to be able to keep the wearer comfortable in subzero temperatures, snow, freezing rain, summer rain, bizarrely warm autumn days and everything in between!

Dedito’s founder Dario spent several years working his beloved dog (and the inspiration for our brand name) in both the Netherlands and the UK, which is where he first came upon the North York Moors. Here he spent time with gamekeepers and the other people associated with game shooting and learnt first-hand how varied the terrain and weather is. At the time, Dario was importing boots for his fellow countrymen from his homeland in Italy, and he regularly passed their feedback to the manufacturer, allowing him to build up a clear idea of what did and didn’t work on the moors and hills of the UK.

In 2014 Dario decided it was high time for him to design the perfect country boots for those who love to spend their time, both for work and pleasure, exploring the UK countryside. As a native Italian speaker, he was able to perfectly communicate what he knew they needed to have to his Italian bookmaking contacts. That was when the Dedito brand was born, as Dario had his first three pairs made and imported into the UK. Those he sold to gamekeepers and as expected, word spread about how fantastic they were. Dario was soon approached by other people who wanted their own Dedito boots, and he started producing and importing them in much greater numbers.

Now, there are two versions of Dedito country boots – the Dodi ankle length boot and the Moorland mid-calf boot. Both are loved by all kinds of people with one thing in common – they spend a lot of time in the great British outdoors! You’ll see Dedito boots on gamekeepers, beaters, guns, dog handlers, walkers and all sorts of other outdoor pursuits enthusiasts. Dario makes sure that all feedback is passed to him so that he can be sure Dedito boots are up to scratch for any terrain and any weather! If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the design features of our boots, why not take a look at our blog?