Introducing the face and the story behind the Dedito Brand.

When passion meets quality

We are delighted to have had lots of new followers recently, so we thought it might be nice to re-introduce the person and the story behind the Dedito brand.

It was in 2003, that our founder, Dario Martina, was to meet a dog that would influence his future beyond his expectations and become the inspiration for the Dedito brand.

Dario tells us more……………

“Dodi was a working Weimaraner; and having never owned even a hamster before, I set about learning to train my first gun dog.  Having worked him in trials and on small shoots in Holland for a few years, I was keen to give him the best possible opportunity to explore and progress his natural talents.  Hunting in the Netherlands is very limited, so I decided to travel with Dodi to the UK to get as much work and training as possible (for us both!) and that journey ultimately brought us to the grouse moors of North Yorkshire.

When I was out and about working Dodi on the moors in the UK, I was asked by a number of people, as I was Italian, if I knew about a brand of Italian boots called Diotto.  I initially started to sell a few pairs in the UK, but quickly realised there was an opportunity to create an outdoor boot specifically designed to tackle this demanding environment.

So, in 2014, following discussions with the Diotto factory in Italy, the design for the Moorland was agreed.  I had the product but now I needed a brand.  I decided to name the business Dedito, which is part of Dodi’s registered name and means “he that is focused on something and won’t let go until his knowledge is satisfied”, as a tribute to the dog who introduced me to this lifestyle.  An image of Dodi is now a hugely recognisable part of the Dedito brand.   Sadly Dodi is no longer with us, but his line has continued with me and his grandson Luca is now my constant companion. “

Dario goes on to add…

“When I was looking to create the Moorland model, I worked closely with local gamekeepers to make sure the boot was fit for their demanding jobs.  These boots had to not only be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions and strong enough to tackle a variety of landscapes, including boggy wet ground, heather moorlands, woodlands/forestry and rocky screes; they also had to be comfortable enough to be worn all day and in many cases every day!  We are continuously tweaking and developing the boots, with continued input from the local gamekeepers, to make sure we keep delivering the best product possible.

The original Moorland has now been joined by the ankle-height Dodi , the mid-height Luca and the all leather Haakan models, alongside a carefully curated range of Dedito accessories, and outdoor wear, all of which support Dario’s passion to supply quality outdoor footwear.

Our key models are all made at a factory in Northern Italy, that has been run by generations of the same family over the years, so we know they produce a quality product created by skilled craftsmen.

The majority of our sales are online, but we also attend a number of countryside and game fairs which are great opportunities to meet our customers face to face.  We also have an expanding team of re-sellers across the UK who also stock our boots.”

The full range of Dedito products can be viewed here.