Where do you wear yours

Where do you wear yours

It’s not far off a year since lock-down measures were first introduced in the UK, and it’s safe to say life hasn’t been quite the same since. Virtually all of our grassroots sports, hobbies and pastimes are on hold at the moment, meaning life can feel a little bit like Groundhog Day. We lost the last month of the shooting season, equestrian events remain on hold and other country pursuits are cancelled. Who knows what the year ahead of us will hold? Here at Dedito we dearly hope it will become a lot more sociable than it is at the moment…
For now, something as simple as a daily walk is solace from pandemic news, home schooling and the pressures of work. If you’re lucky enough to be able to access it, the British countryside is once again saving the sanity of many of us. In spring last year, when lock-down was new and the sun seemed to shine for weeks on end, lots of people rediscovered the joys of time outdoors.
From walks and bike rides with the family to planting seeds or cultivating vegetables, the UK discovered that fresh air was the perfect tonic to lock-down. As the days get longer and (we hope) the weather starts to warm up, even more people will head back outside each day for some exercise and relaxation. A daily walk in the open air is so good for our mental health at a time when we’re more vulnerable than ever before.

Which is why we’re asking our customers and followers to let us know – where do you wear your Dedito Boots? We would love to hear from you about what you’ve been up to in lock-down in your Dedito country boots, and what you can’t wait to get back to doing once we’re allowed. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in some of our wildest landscapes and have been doing some serious hikes, even in the bitterly cold weather we’ve had? Or perhaps you have a daily step count to aim for? Setting out, shod in your trusty Dedito boots, in every weather and at all hours of the day to ensure you meet it!

For some, their boots are their trusty kit for days spent working in the great outdoors, ensuring your feet are warm, dry and comfortable. Wherever your boots are taking you at the moment, make sure you share your adventures with us with the hashtag #wheredoyouwearyours.

If you’re waiting for the chance to get back to the shooting field, head back to game fairs and country shows, or to travel to the mountains in the north of Scotland, why not tell us about it? And let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this is the last lock-down we have to endure.

But in the meantime, for those who live within reach of the beautiful British countryside, respite and relaxation is just a few steps away.