Why everyone loves Vibram

Why everyone loves Vibram

Vibram soles are one of the key contributors to the success of our Dedito outdoor boots and there is a reason why these soles have become iconic in the outdoor footwear world.

In 1935, a mountaineer named Vitale Bramani lost 6 friends in a tragic mountaineering accident.  At the time, climbing footwear had either a leather sole fitted with hobnails, or a felt sole, which offered a good tread – except when they were frozen!

Vitale blamed the deaths on poor equipment and in particular, on their inadequate footwear, which was unable to adapt and protect the wearers from the changing and challenging weather on the mountain.

In response to the tragedy, Vitale engineered the first rubber lug sole.  Named “carrarmato” (the Italian for tank), the rubber sole had a deep tread, similar to those seen on a tank or tractor tyre.

He patented the design two years later under the name Vibram (taken from the first letters of his first name and surname) and they soon became the go-to soles in mountaineering footwear, although today you will see Vibram soles on everything from running shoes to water shoes.

It is well known that Vibram soles are made from rubber, but it isn’t just any rubber.  Vibram use rubber compounds and treat the rubber to harden or soften it according to it’s intended use.

Anyone who has experienced walking in extreme conditions and on difficult terrain, will understand how important having the appropriate equipment is and how investing in high-quality gear can improve your experience as well as keeping you safe.

The benefits of a Vibram sole:

Traction: Rubber is a great non-slip material and combined with a deep tread, the more traction you can expect.

Design: Soles are designed with grip, cushioning, traction, braking and stability in mind.

Comfort: Rubber is a flexible material.  In addition to cushioning, it also flexes with your feet and takes less time to ‘break in’.

Durability:  Vibram soles are known for being especially long-lasting against wear and tear.

Easy to clean: some Vibram soles are self-cleaning with deep tread that sheds the dirt when you flex your foot when you are walking.

Sustainable production: The company is doing its best to enforce sustainable practices. They have six pillars that are the main focus of their sustainable efforts – governance, energy, no waste, training, and internal communication, a sustainable supply chain, and product innovation.

They are constantly trying to improve their practices and coming up with new and innovative ways to make their products as sustainable as possible. On top of that, the company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. They are slowly switching their factories to renewable energy – the Italian factory is already using 100% renewable energy. The company is also implementing various practices that will eventually get them to zero waste, including reduction of office consumable waste and eliminating hazardous waste.

So in short, if you are looking for outdoor footwear, always look out for the yellow octagon!