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Meet the Team

Who's who at Dedito HQ!

Dario Martina – Founder, Owner & Creative Troublemaker

Over the last 13 years, Dario has been the creative genius behind growing Dedito from an initial germ of an idea, to the successful, thriving business it is today.

With a keen eye for quality and detail, he has taken his previous European project management and import/export experience and put it to excellent use.  Originally coming to the UK to work his Weimaraners’ on the grouse moors of North Yorkshire, ever the entrepreneur, Dario spotted a potential market for high quality, hard wearing, affordable outdoor footwear for countryside lovers.

Since then, Dario has built Dedito up from a handful of sales in the early year’s through to the brand now being recognised as one of key players in the outdoor countryside footwear market.

Managing this creative genius is a full-time job for Mel, our Office Manager, as with Dario there can be a very fine line between genius and troublemaker!

 Mel Garton – Chief of Multi-tasking

Mel is Office Manager and Dario’s right-hand and left-hand woman; working closely with him to ensure the continued development and success of the business, alongside managing the day to day running of the busy office and warehouse.

Supremely well organised and Head of First Impressions, (one of the many hats Mel wears on a daily basis), this unflappable lady really is a star of the Dedito show!

 Louise Jopling – Operations Ninja

Louise heads up all the Dedito packaging and logistics to ensure all our customers’ orders for our boots and accessories, leave the warehouse on time and are safely shipped to their destinations.

Not only does Louise ensure the warehouse is meticulously organised, but she also plays a key role in event organisation, including ensuring all the necessary stock is available, the electronic payments system is set up and operating as expected and she can even be found driving the hire van to events!

As a google search wizard, Louise also looks after all the business procurement needs across both the UK and internationally, alongside working closely with Mel on processing orders and also monitoring social media statistics and responding to online comments and questions.

Holly Richmond – The Money Maestro

Holly looks after all the accounts and book-keeping and has the job of making sure Dario and the business are adhering to all the necessary financial regulations and jumping through the required hoops the Government and HMRC dreams up for small businesses!

Always happy when the spreadsheets balance, Holly is always particularly popular around pay day!

Simon Hey – Chief of Site Logistics

Simon makes the magic happen at the Game Fair’s, driving stock across the country and working with Dario to turn empty stands into an engaging retail space for customers.

Happiest with a toolbox to hand, Simon will have a go at fixing anything – from creating display stands through to the Dedito Land Rover!

Kathryn Archer – Number Wrangler

Kathryn is happiest with her head in a spreadsheet or generating invoices and like Holly, loves it when the numbers balance.

Given her love for numbers, Kathryn also has the task of interpreting our Google Analytics and general data analysis.

Karen Kipling – Brand Warrior

Working closely with the Creative Troublemaker Dario and the rest of the team, as the Dedito brand guardian, Karen will be helping to grow the brand into new marketplaces and audiences, ensuring the product range resonates with current and future customers.

A jack of all trades and aspiring master of digital content, design and colouring in!


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