Great new review of our Moorland Boots!

I can safely say I have found my boots!

Check out this great review of our Moorland Boots, from Emily Graham.

“Over years of photographing, beating and picking up in the field I have tried multiple types of boots, now I have my Deditos I can safely say I have found my boots!

They are so comfortable and give me excellent support over rough ground. It is also a huge bonus having boots that are light weight and completely waterproof, I have hiked up streams in these boots and they do not leak at all!

They also keep my feet warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. After a full season of wearing the boots the laces are still in perfect condition, tread is great, lace hooks are still like new. These boots have also not gone soft as I have worn them in, the support stays with you.

As someone who walks long distances in and out of work I have never had a blister or any discomfort even when I was wearing them in.

Overall they feel part of me when walking, rather than an accessory.”