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The Dedito sales are mostly based on recommendation from customer to customer.
A customer that buys a quality product is expected to be treated as a very important person. To Dedito all our customers are incredibly important and that is why we ask a for feedback from all your experiences with our footwear. The reviews that come from our customers are vital to our existence. With these reviews we can monitor if we are on the right track and what people in the field think about our products. We are using all the reviews in the further development of all our products.

With your help we strive to create “the ultimate performance experience”.

Dedito reviews

After 1000's of miles of use, I'm now onto my third pair of moorland boots and I honestly wouldn't buy any other walking boots. Straight out of the box they are very comfortable, extremely durable and amazingly waterproof. My first pair were abused and used for work and after time began to crack, this was by no means the manufactures fault but in fact my own and the setting they were used in ( workshop use and everyday on quarry work). Even though the main material had split, they still kept my feet dry and I knew them how good these boots are. My second pair I had for two years and covered thousands of miles over the years. The material is still like knew and only decided to replace them as I'd worn the heel down with my bad walking habits. They are now used around the home for work purposes. I'm now onto my third pair and know already how many enjoyable miles of walking I will see from these boots. With so many brands offering more than there product can truly offer, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed with these boots as they really are amazing quality.....I won't ever be buying any other brand of boots that is for certain. I value comfort and dry feet and these offer it all from day one, right up to the end of their life. I will be looking at resoling my other pair as I know they still have more life in them too. Fantastic company and a fantastic product. Too all the team at Dedito, I wish you all the best and thankyou for providing a brilliant product that's giving me many miles of deserve more than 5 stars in my honest opinion.

Alex Middleton

Just thought I'd message you about your boots......they are brilliant!!! I've worn them everyday this season out in the field (which is almost 6 days a week since 1st Sept)!! Super comfortable, waterproof and so easy to keep clean (with the power washer!). Thanks a million and chuffed Haggis and Sue at West Country guns recommended them. Will get all my team in them next season.

Will Criddle

I’m tough on boots – I need them to do everything from muddy dog walks twice per day to keeping me safe on solo walks above two thousand feet. When I needed a new pair, the Dedito Luca seemed ideal. I’ve had them a month now and done over one hundred miles covering all sorts of terrain, including a steep three hundred foot scramble following a wrong turn on the way up High Cup Nick! They have been brilliant and all the positive comments in other reviews certainly apply to the Luca. I was concerned that the close tread would clog, but grip has been outstanding and they self-clear very well too. Not only are all day comfort and ease of use real positives, but performance on demanding terrain is also very good and the toe spring means they almost walk for you on the flat without flexing too much. They are certainly worth a try if you are looking for a tough but comfortable and easy to live with multi-function boot.


I'd like to let you know I received my boots back today. What an absolutely fabulous service. I love my boots regardless of this because of the comfort and practicality of them and knowing now the warranty actually stands and the service the menders provide make the boots even more worth every penny. Thanks again to you and the repair company. I'll be very happy to be in my boots for the last beat of the season.

Claire Chetwynd

Over years of photographing, beating and picking up in the field I have tried multiple types of boots, now I have my Deditos I can safely say I have found my boots! They are so comfortable and give me excellent support over rough ground. It is also a huge bonus having boots that are light weight and completely waterproof, I have hiked up streams in these boots and they do not leak at all! They also keep my feet warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. After a full season of wearing the boots the laces are still in perfect condition, tread is great, lace hooks are still like new. These boots have also not gone soft as I have worn them in, the support stays with you. As someone who walks long distances in and out of work I have never had a blister or any discomfort even when I was wearing them in. Over all they feel part of me when walking rather than an accessory.

Emily Graham

Best boots I've owned hands down! Recommend them to everyone. Just looking at the shorter ones now.

Daisy Dog Walking

Bought a pair of your boots at Welsh Game Fair 2022. Best most comfy boots I've ever owned. I love most of all the way they slip on off with ease. I have a problematic back. These boots make life a lot easier. Thank you.

Robert Swift

I didnt get a picture but honestly the best waterproof trousers I've bought!!


Your Moorland boots have been fantastic on these high tops, i have no idea how many miles they have done? Thankyou for making such an awesome boot!

Alexander Norman

Good service dog friendly and good boots!!

Stephen Milne

Just wanted to say how much I love my boots!! Best things ever had on my feet!! If there were gold stars, you'd be getting 5 🙂

Highpowley Labradors

Best Boots Ever!

Family in Field Sports

Three seasons in still very comfortable and waterproof. Bought a pair of your wellies last month, worn on 10 days shooting, warm, comfortable with good grip and support. Come to think of it I should be working for Dedito!!

Grahame H

Ordered Sunday evening, arrived Tuesday morning, superb service and the boots are fantastic.

Stuart Miles

Wore the moorland boots for the first time today on my syndicate shoot. I’ve always worn wellies but don’t give much suppport. After months of looking at reviews etc I chose dedito. Worn them all day straight out the box no problems and tick every box and don’t have the same maintenance as all the others. 5 star from me.

Alan Pringle

Received my dedito boots today. I went for the longer length as I walk my four German shorthaired pointers over a lot of wet ground. Just back from our first walk with them on and I must say love them already. Many more walking in those boots to be done. Thankyou

Julie Tulleth

Outstanding boots amazing customer service Quality of product second to none Met the main man today at scone game fair and a pleasure to talk to him ! First class comfort and very light boot with lots of warmth Thanks to all at Dedito!

Paul Harris

Orders boots late Wednesday night and arrived today they look brilliant and feel even better on brilliant set of boots for money

Anthony O'neill

My favourite boots for all weather conditions. Your feet 👣 can feel the Italian quality work👌🏻

Roland Zörer

Just received my 2nd pair of dedito wellingtons. They are brilliant, full zip, neoprene lined, chunky sole that keeps you upright even in the most slippery of conditions. All this for a great price. Can't recommend highly enough

Angela Gibson

I love my Dedito wellies, I’m almost sad the weather is warming up and I need to stop wearing them. Super comfy, love love love them. Had my pair maybe 18m now. Will never buy another brand again.

Laura King

Most comfy boot ever gathering sheep on the mountains of wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

William Evans

Many thanks for your email, this will be my second pair of boots from you guys my first pair I have had for 4 years and have had a lot of work and are still good to for a bit but the sole is wearing tind and the articulated heal is now slightly seeping in deep water but have given them a good bashing, and have lasted longer than big name boots I have spent way to much money on in the past. Hence I'm buying a new pair, keep up the good work. P.S I left a review for my first boots a long time ago might leave another now I have done many shoots and literally 100's of miles in them.

Jason Evans

Hi I thought I'd message to say I have been wearing my new set of boots for 27 consecutive days now. They are the most comfortable boots I have owned. Bought at the Scone Palace game fair in Scotland. From your mobile store. The best decision I have made in purchasing hunting boots. Thank you so much.

Raymond Colquhon

In a professional dog trainer’s view the Dedito boots are just great boots, they’re very comfortable, low maintenance, unbelievable light and at the same time they give you maximum support !. Of course they are waterproof as you may expect. Good value for money.

Andrew Platt - Professional dog trainer

Starting wearing Dedito Boots two years ago and now I see everybody wearing them on the moors! And what does that tell you ? They are the best!!

Sir Ian Botham

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