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The Dedito sales are mostly based on recommendation from customer to customer.
A customer that buys a quality product is expected to be treated as a very important person. To Dedito all our customers are incredibly important and that is why we ask a for feedback from all your experiences with our footwear. The reviews that come from our customers are vital to our existence. With these reviews we can monitor if we are on the right track and what people in the field think about our products. We are using all the reviews in the further development of all our products.

With your help we strive to create “the ultimate performance experience”.

Dedito reviews

Extremely impressed with Dedito Customer Service. I made several enquires and was delighted to receive informative responses within an hour on every occasion, even late on a Sunday evening which was very unexpected! As I'm based in the south I was unable to try on a pair for sizing and given my awkward shaped feet I was worried about getting the right fit. Excellent advice and product knowledge lead to a perfect fit first time on delivery and the boots turned up within two days of my order. Thank you Dario, I will be recommending you and Dedito to everyone!

James Cross

I have been wearing Dedito boots for a number of years now and have been hugely impressed with their performance in the field; their rugged outer gives excellent protection when walking through rough vegetation, whilst their waterproof membrane keeps your feet warm and dry on the wettest of days. My boots have coped with everything from knee deep snow in the Scottish Highlands, beating on heather moorland through to leisurely stalks around Hampshire woodland; I have become such a fan of these boots that I now recommend them to all of my gamekeeping students at Sparsholt College and they have certainly gone down well; their low maintenance design, coupled with a very reasonable price makes them the perfect choice for students and gamekeepers alike.

Curtis Mossop - Gamekeeper

In a professional dog trainer’s view the Dedito boots are just great boots, they’re very comfortable, low maintenance, unbelievable light and at the same time they give you maximum support !. Of course they are waterproof as you may expect. Good value for money.

Andrew Platt - Professional dog trainer

Starting wearing Dedito Boots two years ago and now I see everybody wearing them on the moors! And what does that tell you ? They are the best!!

Sir Ian Botham

I have been wearing Dedito Boots now for years, they are comfy straight out the box and really easy to keep clean with there unique and strong coating. Their Vibram sole and light weight makes them a great tool for us moorland keepers.

Roy Burrows

The Dedito boots are for me the best boots on the market for myself as an upland keeper. It has been more than 5 years since I discovered these boots and the model 2015 is the best ever. They are so light compared to other brands, it's no problem wearing them a whole day and a great asset. The good grip, waterproof membrane, looks and the strap on the front does it all for me.

Paul Simpson

As a pheasant keeper I need boots to rely on, waterproof, hard wearing, comfy and low maintenance. All of these factors apply on the Dedito boots especially the 2015 model with the new improved waterproof membrane. For me Dedito boots will beat any other boots on the market.

Steve Archer – Pheasant Keeper

I have been wearing Dedito boots for the last 5/6 years now and I am very impressed with the comfort, feel and hard wearing of them. As long as these boots keep up to this standard, and continue to improve themselves like the 2015 model, I’ll be wearing them for a lot more years to come.

Shaun - Head keeper of the Thrushwood Wilton Estate

I have had Dedito boots for about three years. They are the best I have had. They are hard wearing, easy to maintain and light weight. Best boots on the market.

Sean Mason

I've worn Dedito boots now between seasons and they’re still as good as the day I unboxed them. The leg strap has stopped me twisting my ankles more times than I can remember. And from the frozen fields of winter stalking to the long drawn out summer days when the sun is high in the sky. Through the floods of the Somerset Levels to the rocky Mendip hills the last thing I'm thinking about has been my feet. Dedito Boots still look like they’re brand new due to the scratch proofing technology, and still feel as comfortable as a pair of house slippers. In truth, the only real only negative, is that I don’t want to take them off! And that’s hardly a fault!

Scott Gillard

I took your advice and ordered the boots in a 7.5 and they came yesterday. You were right they are a perfect fit and felt like slippers from the minute i put me feet in them. I wore them all night last night, walking round the house at first then walking the dogs to the pub and back and they are so comfortable it's unreal. The only way i can explain the comfort is like when some of my other "named" brand boots have had a couple of months breaking in only these are straight out of the box.


I bought Dedito Boots at last year's Game fair because they looked good and easy to maintain plus a lot less money than the top names. I have had one season in them 26 days out varying form beating to picking up and shooting. I have not had to break them in at all.....comfortable from day 1, not one rub from them. plus when you get home all you have to do is hose them off, also as you would expect from an Italian, plenty of style just as much as your more expensive versions. And if you like your named brands don't worry I think this will be the name to wear very soon. Plenty of friends asking me where do you get them from. Pound for Pound the best boot I have had the pleasure of wearing.

I own two pairs, I have a pair of the Moorland which I've had for approx. two years and mainly use for shooting and deer stalking. Dedito boots have been extremely comfy and 100% waterproof. I also own a pair of the Dodi model which I use for hill walking. I've had those for approx. one year. I've just completed the 'Great Glencoe Challenge' (In my kilt) which is described as 'Scotland's Toughest Trekathon, it consists of a 26 mile hike through beautiful Glencoe followed by climbing Ben Nevis the following morning! I did the challenge in my Dodi's and I'm pleased to report I had dry feet on both days and not one blister! fantastic boots, I'll be ordering another pair of each as spares from you at the end of the month and have been recommending Dedito boots to my friends.

I have owned a pair of Dedito boots for 3 years and to this day they are still performing like new. I use these boots every day for work and also every hunting trip. Dedito boots give perfect ankle support and keep my feet dry in all weathers. I couldn’t recommend these boots highly enough and will definitely be purchasing another pair in the future.

Best boots I own. Use Dedito Boots for stalking and after 10 years of use I noticed that one of the uppers had failed, not bad when you consider I did 0 maintenance on them and used them in all conditions from blizzards, wet weather and in summer. I also notice nearly everyone Involved in the shooting/stalking seems to have a pair. Looking forward to placing an order this pair might see me into retirement!

Miles Stormer

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