Dedito Boot Wax 200ml


We are changing the packaging for our popular Dedito Boot Wax in 2024; so until the new packaging is ready, we are using a temporary, slightly smaller container.  But you can rest assured it’s our usual quality wax, just at a slightly reduced price!

Our Dedito Boot Wax is perfect for keeping outdoor leather boots supple and helps to support waterproofing.  Once a month simply apply all over the boots and leave to soak in.

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200ml Boot wax.

Maintenance wax for leather footwear, based on natural waxes with high waterproofing capabilities.  The wax will feed the leather, helping to keep it soft and subtle.
Ideally apply Dedito Boot Wax on a monthly basis all over the boots and leave to soak in.
Contains a mix of: lanolin, tallow and natural oils (vegetable oil and fish oil).

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